AIR to AIR heat pumps


Air-to-air heat pumps heats the air inside the premises using the energy from the outside air and purifies the air. The heat pump  may also function as an air conditioner.




                                                                        AIR to WATER heat pumps


Air-to-water heat pumps function by using energy from outside air and transferring it to the water heating system of the house (floor, heaters, convectors) at the same time providing hot water.




                                                                        AIR CONDITIONING


Air conditioner is such a device which lowers indoor air temperature to more comfortable conditions, cleans air and inprove thermal comfort.



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Fuji electric has launched a new model of heat pump in AIR to AIR range. It has 4,2 kW heating and 5,4 kW cooling capacity. It is is created especially for working at very low outdoor temperatures and ensure full comfort at your home. More details
B2B Projects company directly cooperates with Japan's manufacturer Fuji Electric and offers you AIR to AIR heat pumps, which provides efficient and economic heating, even at -25ºC outdoor temperature. More details
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